Coaching is a future-oriented process, driven by the client and guided by the coach who helps the client explore their dreams, ideas, and opportunities and translate these into an actionable plan. To quote Dale Carnegie: “People support a world they helped create”. Therefore the solution will always come from the client, the coach’s role is to guide the client to identify and develop that solution.

My background and my interests converge in helping people optimally manage transitions. These transitions can come in many shapes and forms; leaders going through or looking for a career change, high potential talent preparing for a promotion or a new role, on-boarding of new hires. Maybe you are working through an international move, or considering returning to work after a parenting leave or career break or other major life change. A specific area of expertise I have is working with millennials, which means I can bring a specific demographic leadership lens to all of the above transition scenarios.

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Training & Workshops

Training is aimed at groups of participants, whether intact teams, from a certain division or across the organization. We work closely with you to define the development need and design the appropriate learning solution to drive the change and development the organization needs.

Classroom training is a part of the solution, but we believe in the power of repetition and using different media over a period. Virtual delivery and on-line training can be part of the solution. The training topics on offer are always evolving, the following list provides an indication of what can be covered:

  • Personal Branding
  • Networking
  • Interview skills
  • Providing (and receiving!) feedback
  • Coaching for Managers
  • Teambuilding
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Early Careers development

Team Building (workshop) Design & Facilitation

During training, a trainer imparts knowledge and expertise and helps participants apply learnings into their day to day lives. In workshops, a group of participants works towards a critical goal. Sometimes you need to take a step back and work through a challenge in a focused and structured way to turn it into an opportunity and a solution. Bluejay Coaching can help identify the actual need, design a process and deliver an engaging, practical intervention to come to a solution.

Team building – understand personal differences and complementary strengths, define and agree on a team objective & agree on a way of working towards success.