Coaching provides a compass, guiding the client to achieve a goal with an actionable plan

We aim for an optimal life; to be the best we can be. At times this can be challenging. We may be confronted with changing circumstances and questions like ‘who am I, what do I want, and how do I get there’. One can easily get stuck, thinking about this, uncertain of where to start and take action. This is where coaching can help. Coaching is a process, focused on the future. The client is guided by the coach to help explore their dreams, ideas and opportunities.

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    At Bluejay Coaching, coaching is our core competence.

    Bluejay Coaching provides a compass. We identify a direction and goal with you and develop the plan on how to get there.

    Bluejay Coaching works with individuals, teams and large organizations.

    The Bluejay Coaching approach is always characterised by three key elements:

    • Close connection with the client
    • Mobilization of the client’s own resources,
    • Supporting the client in the process of change to achieve their goals.


    Chemistry is important. Coaching requires hard work by the client. The impact depends on the connection between client and coach. That’s why Bluejay Coaching always offers a complimentary introductory meeting.


    Bluejay Coaching believes in the resourcefulness of the client. Solutions originate from within the client. The coach is there to guide the process that helps the client identify and shape the solutions that fit and lead to optimal results.



    Start with the end in mind. We explore the individual’s needs, and the organizational needs when relevant. We define the coaching objective and work towards this in a results-oriented way, regularly checking in to confirm we are on the right track and working towards successful change.

    Klazien van Vliet

    Driven by a strong fascination with drivers of human behaviour I focus on helping leaders to continuously maximize their potential. To make a true impact both in their personal and their professional lives. I apply my ‘natural curiosity’ through a sincere interest in understanding people and listening to their stories.